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OPPO Abdominal Binders 2060

OPPO Abdominal Binders 2060

  • $6900

Oh, your aching side. Our versatile abdominal binder will help relieve a multitude of aches and strains to your ligaments and joints. Use it as an ab binder, a back support, a rib belt or a post-operative belt. The comfortable, multi-tiered plush elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling. The abdominal binder gives needed support and stability to the rib cage of active men and women. And anyone recovering from surgery in the upper torso will appreciate how the ab binder reduces strains.  Versatile use.  Spinal Stenosis; Sciatica; Degenerative Disc; Prolapsed Disc; Osteroporosis; Osteroarthritis of the Spine; Other. Abdominal Support Benefits Has a variety of applications. Provides support for a large abdomen (stomach). Supplements musculature weakened by loss of muscle tone. Reduces strain on muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine. Help restore normal distribution of body weight. Improves posture and overall body function/movement. Helps after surgery by preventing abdomen (stomach) from straining incisions.


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