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About Us

The Bad Back Shop is founded on the principle that people want ready access to back care products, they want the confidence when buying these products that they will really help their back condition; that the market for back care products is fragmented and neglected, new products are not being shown to the general public.

Most retailers of products that are designed to help people sleep better or sit correctly, do not hire staff with sufficient enough understanding of back and posture issues

We also strongly believe that the human body was designed for movement so encourage all clients to reexamine their work habits and incorporate a change of posture every 30-40 minutes; our motto is "Intentionally Active"!

The Bad Back Shop started in July 2007. It is the only dedicated specialist back care retail store in New Zealand. 

The product range is extensive and will be added to when something new emerges, however all products are carefully evaluated to see if they pass our primary test (See our company vision statement below). Just because a product has a label claiming it is ergonomic or orthopedic designed doesn't mean that it is safe for back sufferers. The Bad Back Shop's products range from Saddle chairs, Knee chairs, ergonomic furniture to back braces, lumbar rolls, pillows, core muscles exercise aids, heats pads and many other products.

  Phillip Haussmann, co-owner and Director of The Bad Back Shop, has been associated with the furniture retail trade for many years and was an ergonomic consultant for a local business. Phillip is a back sufferer; so when he talks about backs and products he does so from a first hand perspective. Phillip is a keen, runner, road cyclist, hiker and reader. He enjoys connecting with people from different ethnicities and walks of life.

Co-owner of the business is Bronwyn Haussmann and she comes from a nursing background but more recently has worked in an office environment. Bronwyn enjoys walking, reading, cooking and art.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to promote and sell sensible practical products, including products to alleviate, to strengthen and prevent back problems; to reduce the loss of quality of life for back sufferers at home, work and sport. We will publish information, stimulate debate and raise awareness on keeping active, the benefits of rehabilitation and managed return to work programmes.

The Bad Back Shop staff are not medical professionals so will not make medical diagnosis of a persons health issues. We will only recommend products that to our understanding should reach the stated aims in paragraph one. We will also listen to and learn from health professionals so that we can better serve our customers.


We work primarily on web based sales anywhere in New Zealand and charge you accordingly.

We also have a showroom in Christchurch which is by appointment only. With all deliveries we strongly advise you to check products upon delivery and notify the driver of any damage before you sign acceptance of your order.

With some of our products, for you to receive the maximum back support benefit, we would advise you to take advantage of our free installation service within the Christchurch region.

To all of you, from all of us at The Bad Back Shop - Thank you and Happy Bad Backs!

Phillip Haussmann
CEO The Bad Back Shop