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Have a break while sitting

Posted by Phillip Haussmann on

Today we know that sitting or standing for long periods can have a detrimental effect on our health. We need to incorporate into our daily routine as much activity as we can, movement is the key. 

In an office environment we suggest that no one should sit for longer than 40 minutes,  create movement as naturally as possible. Sit stand desks are a key element in helping you stay safe at work. Use the ease of adjustment in an electric hi rise desk to move from sitting to standing or try a Sit stand chair to work alongside your adjustable desk.

However when it comes to driving many forget the basics on good posture, they wonder why they get a bad back after a long trip. Travelling in a car is the same as sitting at an office desk. You need to be changing your posture. Now in an office it is feasible to get up every 40 min but not really in a car. It will still take discipline but you can train yourself to pull over at least every hour.  Get out of the car preferably and take a few minutes to walk around, do back arches,  the circulation moving again. A good way of training yourself to stop us plan your trip around the stops, try to find actual places to stop at.

As an example of this look at a 400km journey from Christchurch to Richmond, Nelson. Christchurch to Culverden is approx 100km about an hours drive (buy an icecream), Culverden to Springs is another 100km and hour drive (have a snack or toilet break), Springs to Murchison is 100km an hour driving (another good place for stopping and eating lunch), finally onto Richmond, the last hour. You will feel much better, your back won't be so stiff and that bad back will be less likely. While driving you also need to watch driving position and may need to incorporate a lumbar roll for added support (look at our seat wedges and lumbar rolls).

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