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Salli Sway Saddle Seat

  • $89900

Salli Sway Saddle Seat


  • Two-part active seat
  • Leather or artificial leather, colours available on indent order
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Gas spring metallic or black
  • Maximum load 120 kg
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Finnish design
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Enhanced mobility Move like you want to

Traditional sitting at a 90º angle over extended periods of time, causes several sitting disorders (SDs). Often, the reason behind a sitting disorder is the weakened blood circulation to the back, shoulders, legs, and hip area. In addition, breathing becomes superficial, causing tiredness.

Salli has been designed to position the hips, legs and spine in their most natural state. This enhanced sitting position also addresses issues arising from poor blood circulation and pressure to the genital area (much like on a bike), and air circulation, where traditional sitting allows heat to build up. Being able to freely move your hips as you sit, is more viable and pleasant when the pressure is applied safely on the ischial bones. This puts less pressure on the delicate soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Breathing is also greatly improved

Salli Sway Saddle features "Active Seating" a rocking mechanism, that enables the saddle seat to be tilted in every direction without a separate adjustment lever. Recommended to all with lower back pains..

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