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RH Mereo 220 Silver & Black

  • $2,19900

RH Mereo 220 Silver & Black

 Made in Sweden

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Waiting for you in our showroom we have two RH Mereo, black and silver model

Inspired by the dynamic nature of today’s working life, the RH Mereo is a perfect fit for anyone. Improved ergonomic features, intuitive handles and a clean shape makes it easily adjusted to personal needs and preferences – no matter what size or shape you are. A chair for the whole office to share, providing both bodies and minds with extra energy.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE The RH Mereo is crafted to enhance performance for both individuals and teams in contemporary work places. Built around our unique ergonomic technology that follows your body’s natural structure, this chair is also characterized by high flexibility and strong visual elegance.

ACTIVE SEATING Movement is crucial in order to stay concentrated and perform well during long days at the office. The RH Mereo follows even your smallest movements to always keep you active and provide support. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and facilitates breathing. Just sit down and adjust the chair to your body. The rest comes intuitively.

UPRIGHT POSTURE Good posture is another key to endurance and helps relieve your body from strain, tension and pressure. The RH Mereo prompts you to always keep an upright position with the spine in a natural s-curve. Our unique Tvedt cushion in the upper back rest provides a gentle push between shoulder blades, to help you sit straight and keep an open posture. The chair’s main movement points are located near the knee and hip joints which helps you keep your feet on floor without adjusting seat or backrest.

These chairs are on indent order only and can take  two weeks shipping. The colour range is limited to what is available at the time, however if you want a particular colour outside our stock range we can order from Sweden with a 14 week delivery and a no return basis. It is best if you contact us and have a chat on options.


Frictionless tilt mechanism.

Infinitely adjustable and can be locked in chosen position. We recommend to work with the tilt open to encourage active seating.

Separately adjustable backrest angle for support in any position.

Seat width/depth:410 mm/ 465 mm (seatslide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back)

Back height/width:630 mm/365 mm

Seat height:410-550 mm

Footbase:Black aluminium, Ø660 mm and castors for carpeted floors (Ø65 mm)

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