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Posturite Mouse wrist rest foam with platform

Posturite Mouse wrist rest foam with platform

  • $6500

MAIN POINTS;  Soft/warm mouse rest is the most comfortable rest for working with your mouse. Soft/warm foam pad eliminates the cold you can get with a gel pad and performs longer.  

MORE INFORMATION:  The fibre platform acting as a mouse mat is sized to provide for use in a swinging motion. The base has a non-slip pad to prevent movement when in use. These cost-effective wrist rests are soft and tactile, with built-in foam mouse pad. They help to create a comfortable and neutral hand-to-arm posture. The foam padding eliminates the bunching effect often found with the gel rests.


Warranty:   1 year

Width:  170mm

Depth:   70mm

Height:  25mm

Weight: 248 grams

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