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Morfit Vehicle Lumbar Support

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Morfit® Electric
Morfit® Electric car seat lumbar support is fully adjustable by a press of a button. It actively corrects your posture and remembers your shape. Your driving will be a pleasure again.

The Morfit Vehicle Lumbar Support would have to be one of the best car seat supports we at the The Bad Back Shop have tried!

Osteopath designed, Morfit® car seat back support begins soft to take your shape, then firms up to hold you in place. With the ability to optimise and remember your unique posture, driving can be good again.

Morfit® is an innovative lumbar support for driving. It gives immediate relief from low back pain and also works as a long term preventative measure against future back pain. Morfit® uses Airset Technology to mould into the space between the driver's back and their seat - giving a precise, custom fit and firm support that hold good posture. It makes any vehicle seat as supportive and comfortable as an ergonomic office chair. Created by an experienced Osteopath, Morfit® has been proven in trials to relieve low back pain during driving and is endorsed by medical professionals across the country. It's a simple measure that can help you stay on the road for longer.  

 Morfit® is primarily designed for vehicle seats, but can be used in any seat that does not give enough support. It is used in cars, trucks, tractors, straddle carriers, race cars, planes and wheel chairs.  

Product specs.
  • Morfit® Original: model No. 005.
  • Colour: Onyx Black, Amethyst Blue, Garnet Red, Zircon Yellow.
  • Dimensions: 593 x 300 mm.
  • Net weight: 420gms.
  • Straps: Vertical and horizontal. Elastic and adjustable.
  • Interlock Foam™ dual pump: Manual – no batteries required.
  • Active material: Morfit®'s Interlock Foam™.
  • Cover: 3D mesh. Removable. Machine/hand washable.
  • Packaged dimensions: 593 x 295 x 48 mm.
  • Packaged weight: 950gms.

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