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Eyeliner monitor stand metal

  • $21800

MAIN POINTS;   Designed and manufactured in New Zealand    Computer screen and laptop height placement has never been easier with Eyeliner the free standing metal armless monitor/laptop/printer etc. raiser. Can lift up to and impressive 50KG.

MORE INFORMATION:   Optimises placement and screen height:  Screen should be in a straight line with the top of the glass at eye level

Eases Eye strain;       Minimises eye movement within a 15 degree zone

Free standing:   No need to clamp or damage the desk and easy to move to another position-the ultimate in churn factor.

Allows placement of a Datadesk document holder.

Operator height adjustment:   No need to call a technician you do it with a turn of the handle.

Ideal for HOT DESK situations.

Designed in sturdy powder coated steel finish.   Stood the test of time. Raised monitors in Australasia since 1996.


Width:   300mm

Depth:    300mm

Footprint:  360mm x 300mm

Height:   Infinite from 80mm to 190mm

Construction:  Steel powder coated.

Weight:   5.5Kg

Maximum load recommended:    50Kg

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