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Crystal Lift-it stand single

  • $6600

MORE INFORMATION:   Crystal Lift-it can stack on itself to a height to suit you. Attractive lightweight and versatile itis as good in a single or dual or more horizontal mounting positions. The unique stacking method stays stable as the stack rises.

Crystal Lift-it provides the ideal product to align your monitor stand/printer/laptop to the correct height without the need of a technician, as it is free standing. It is equally perfect when dual or more horizontal units are in use and with the individual stacking method lets you achieve the correct eye line for different sized screens such as laptop and desk based when being used at the same time. Crystal Lift-it is clear acrylic and enhances the look of your desk but is sturdy with 6mm walls and a footprint possibly less than your monitor base. The curved long sides make you position your devices away from the edge to give better stability.

When stacked on top of each other the height increases in 45mm increments. This provides 4+ heights at 50mm, 95mm, 140mm, 185mm. End height is your choice based on the recommended eye line. We suggest no more than 4 high. In a dual or more situation each stack can be a different height to suit different sized devices.

IT GETS EVEN BETTER Crystal Lift-it provides space for storage of paper, books or other quickly accessed items.


Width:   310mm

Depth:    200mm

Height:   50mm

Weight:   399 grams

Thick:   6mm

Maximum recommended load is 8Kg.

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