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Safe Work Practices Workshop

We offer Safe Work Practices workshops and assessments. Give your office workplace a check up, contact us now for an appointment.

These are just some of the topics we cover in our regular workshop:

Postural problems & seated posture

When working all day at a computer it is very easy to be so focused on the task that one forgets about how they are seated and how long they have been seated. Sitting in a conventional office chair is not the natural way the body was designed to function. So to minimize bad posture we need to adjust our bodies to our work environment. Movement is the critical factor and in our workshop we explore how to keep safe through good posture and work habits.

Individual Workstation Set-up

We work with each individual person to see what tasks they most often perform and the work environment they work within and then work through some good principles to adapt their workstation to their body and needs.

Computer screen, desk & chair set-up

Sometimes the equipment we are given to work with just isn't up to the task or needs adjustments to help the operator to be safe in their work. 

Keyboard, mouse & document set-up

Not all computer mice suit everyone, we talk about choosing the right mouse for your needs. Repetitive strain, neck stress and eye strain are all factors that need to be managed.

Health & Safety

We can minimize problems by forward planning; assessing potential hazards, controlling hazards and managing potential health issues. 

What is managements responsibility to health and safety and how to manage the new Health and Safety legislation.

If you would like us to assess your workplace for Safe Work Practices and HSE Act compliance, contact Phillip on (03) 942 9840 for a quote.