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Flexeze Heat Patches

Flexeze Heat Patches

  • $379

For Back, Neck and Muscle pain: Flexeze Heat Patches 10 X 13 cm

Flexeze  Heat Patches are great for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains, period pain,arthritic pain, sports injuries and stiffness or anytime you feel the cold. Unlike a wheat bag or hot water bottle which are bulky and visible, Flexeze are discreet, portable and last hours longer then the hottie or the wheat bag. The pads stick to the inside of your clothing(not your skin) and last for up to 12 hours .They provide a soothing, penetrative warmth that eases and comforts. Ideal for the office , sports, walking, skiing etc. .
Also usable as shoe pads for warming up cold, icy feet. Helps maintain a healthy circulation for cold feet sufferers, diabetics, people in cold climates etc.

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