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Sit-Stand Stool by Giroflex BRAND NEW

  • $89900

Signet Giroflex – Designed to work

Sit-stand stool

The innovative giroflex 10 sit-stand stool brings a new healthy dynamic to sitting.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland

Because the iconic and colourful object is not just something for the eye but also for the whole locomotor system: stand-up seating with the giroflex 10 fosters balance and strengthens the muscles, while relieving the spine and counteracting poor posture.

Available in different colour options

Could take 2 to 3 week delivery 



Sitting properly. Living better.

Chairs are our passion. Chairs that meet the needs of the human anatomy. Office chairs that allow and support healthy, dynamic, mobile and active sitting. Whether swivel chairs, conference chairs, visitor’s chairs or other types of seating. This has been the focus of our energy and skill since 1872. With worldwide success.

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