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Braces & Belts

Lower Back

Lower back pain is a recurring problem for many people and our wide range of back braces' and lumbar supports help provide much needed relieve from nagging muscular aches and pains.

Ankle & Foot
For injury prevention and management, our range of orthotics, pull-on orthopedic supports and lace-up ankle braces provide unparalleled stability, support and comfort.

Shoulder & Posture

Many people suffer from round shoulder syndrome without even realising until its too late - hunching forward, your shoulders tense, until those painful neck tension and muscle aches start... Our posture support range works especially well for those times when you can feel yourself getting tired and starting to 'droop' and 'slouch'.

Shoulder braces' are also appropriate for use as an all day shoulder support to correct rounded shoulder syndrome caused by unbalanced and/or excessive muscle spasm or contractions.