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HAG Capisco 8010

  • $1,33900

Made in Norway

Trendy playfulness and modern sophistication Born out of the legendary "saddle chair", HÅG Capisco Puls represents a new generation, attuned to the contemporary, dynamic workplace. Like it's predecessor, HÅG Capisco, it is based on our understanding of the human body and its constant need to move. HÅG Capisco Puls continues the legacy, while expanding the horizon of the Capisco family.

A contemporary and flexible chair, it represents an evolution in form, function and usability. Capisco Puls' new sleek and light shape, reflects the rhythm of a brave new generation. HÅG Capisco Puls is designed to active sitting. It facilitates a variety of energising sitting positions, creating a dynamic flow in peoples work life. A life with 'pulse' is a healthy active and productive life. CAPISCO PULS MAKES YOUR HEART BEAT.

PULs comes with std 200mm gas strut and black is our std colour. To order other colours  please email us.

Watch this video for set up of your chair:

10 year guarantee.

Unfortunately we only carry black in stock. Allow approx 1-2 weeks for other colours

For other colour options please contact us.

Seat height 150mm gas lift 380-510

Seat height 200mm gas lift 455-620

Seat height 265mm gas lift 540-770

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