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Peace Pillow Connect

Peace Pillow Connect

  • $9900

The foam at first crushes down then rebounds gently, moulding to your shape and supporting the neck. By following our advice, Peace Pillows can help you achieve a comfortable, well supported sleeping position which will reduce the instance of soreness and stiffness, causing headaches and back pain as a result of poor sleep posture.

 Peace Pillow Connect™ is an all new design, based on the original Peace Pillow Classic. Medium density but with a new scallop in the raised edge Peace Pillow Connect™ cradles your neck whether sleeping on your back or side. Correct sleep posture keeps the spine aligned and avoids the twisting that restricts nourishing circulation while you sleep, causing fatigue, soreness and stiffness. The Connect™ pad fits inside a standard pillow case making the pillow deeper and therefore suitable for those with broader shoulders.

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