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Sitactive Pro-D Cushion

Sitactive Pro-D Cushion

  • $4600

If you love SitActive you will adore SitActive Pro.
All the benefits of Active sitting with some added enhancements.
More Comfort: Made from a non PVC material SitActive Pro is soft to the touch and has a warm feel.
More versatile: Inflate or deflate in seconds. Simply remove the stopper to deflate when travelling or storing SitActive Pro. No pump is needed to reflate. Just take out the stopper, give a couple of good blows and put the stopper back in. Done. Add or remove air to suit whenever you like.
Handy wedge shape: Sits easily on your chair. Allows plenty of movement and encourages a slight forward tilt to get the posture upright and the core muscles engaged.
Carrying handle: SitActive Pro D shape incorporates a carry handle for when you are on the move.

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