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PUK Wrist Gel

  • $3000

MAIN  POINTS   Here’s a great way to keep your hand/s off the work top without the need of a static padded wrist or keyboard rest.

You can trail across the front of the keyboard or behind your mouse without your hand rubbing on a pad. The PUK gel pad glides across the fixed surface instead of your hand. Also available in Green (Green code 19PKG.)

MORE INFORMATION   PUK is a smooth gliding rest for your wrist which trails behind your mouse or across the front of your keyboard providing a sculpted shape support for your wrist to relieve pressure on your carpal tunnel.

At 74mm diameter by 19mm high PUK lifts your wrist to a similar height as your keyboard to give correct alignment to the keypads. If your mouse does not have palm or hypothenar pad support PUK will do the job for you.

  • Smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest for mouse and keyboard.
  • Sculpted shape supports wrist without pressure on carpal tunnel.
  • Non-allergenic thermoplastic elastomer (non-Latex hybrid of plastic and rubber).
  • Trails behind your mouse with no need for attachments.
  • The perfect alternative for a fixed keyboard rest.
  • Designed for mouse and keyboard use and where you need help to steady your hand. 


Width:  74mm

Depth:  74mm

Height:  19mm

Weight:  100gm

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