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Curble Posture Corrector Chair (Insert)

  • $12000


Curble Grand - Best choice for better posture

This portable posture support device, Curble Chair combines the principles of leverage and its flexible material, to naturally correct your posture and prevent the users from sitting too far forward. Take the Curble Chair with you to work, school, or your car to prevent cervical kyphosis, disc herniation, and scoliosis, which tend to occur for people who sit for long periods of time.

Based on ergonomic design, the support cushion, made of a highly elastic material, pulls in the pelvis and exerts pressure on to the waist. The durable, yet elastic backrest can withstand a load of up to 140kg and effectively supports your spine, as it naturally maintains the correct posture, reducing back pain and fatigue

Dimensions: W42cm * D32.3cm * H34.5cm Weight 800g 

This product is only available in Black at this stage

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